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Learning Leadership l Organizational Effectiveness 

Charletta is a professional executive coach and Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator.  She works collaboratively with C-Suite and mid-level leaders, guiding skill-building to create new habits and better leadership throughout the employment cycle.  CaPeesh  focuses deeply on 'inner-game' dimensions of leadership.  Through values alignment, training and coaching, clients develop new language, habits and behaviors that lend to agility, innovation and better performance.  


As a respected thought leader, Charletta supports the advancement of psychologically healthy workplaces under the American Psychological Association's Center for Organizational Excellence banner.  She guides clients in growing trust, courage and authenticity as cornerstones to thriving work culture.  Charletta has supported business startup, leader development, new markets and culture-change in child day care, education, food & beverage, government, healthcare, medical manufacturing, retail and service industries.   

CaPeesh stands on values of learning, integrity and courage.