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Facilitation and Talks

CaPeesh delivers scalable learning solutions to address individual, team/group and organizational performance needs.  Our programs are evidence-based and tailored to group needs.   


  • Certified Dare to Lead 16-hour training

  • Emotional intelligence

  • The courage skill sets

  • Mindfulness at work  

  • Growing trust

  • Tough conversations and engaged feedback

  • Managing difficult emotions

  • Resiliency skills

  • Communicating Change

Coaching and Assessment

We help our clients gain new skills to lead and live better work lives.  Through a co-creative process, clients can gain understanding with select assessment tools, get coached, achieve new goals and grow new habits.     

  • Individual coaching is a series of 1:1 (deep-dive) conversations around a leader's agenda.  Examples of agendas include, transitioning to higher level role or new field, growing leadership capabilities, changing a habits/behaviors, working through difficult situations etc.  

  • Group coaching is a group conversation (wide and broad) often addressing multiple agendas.  Examples of uses include problem-solving, core leadership skill-building, team-building or transferring of knowledge etc.


Engagement Terms: 3-6 month or annual contract


We support a variety of organizations in the areas of learning and leadership development.  We help our clients identify opportunities through gap analysis and work together to realign people with business strategy.